Helpful Listing Suggestions

Remember, your listing is like an advertisement for someone who does not know anything about your dress. The more details you provide, the easier it will be for a bride-to-be to decide if your dress is a perfect match for her, and thus the more chances someone will contact you.


Price it right

Basically, the more attractive the discount, the more views and inquiries you will receive. 

The best way to determine what your preowned wedding dress is worth is to start with a few factors: the designer, the age, the condition and the original price.

Here are some guidelines we suggest: 

Less than 3 years old 25 - 50% (of retail price)
3 to 5 years old 35 - 60% (of retail price)
More than 5 years old 50 - 75% (of retail price)


If the dress has stains, tears or other defects, the price reduction should be in accordance with the imperfection.

Dress alterations (such as adding a nice detail) can add value to your gown since a buyer would have to pay additional for it at retail.

If after a few weeks, you find you aren't getting the traffic or inquiries you had hoped for, consider reducing your price. 


Use awesome pictures

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Remember the adage "A picture is worth a thousand words"? Your pictures are the best way to showcase your wedding dress. It would most definitely help buyers to form the right impression of your dress by looking at your uploaded images. For your thumbnail or preview image (the one that will appear in search results), it is best to use a single image of your wedding dress (instead of a composite of two or three different pictures). You may upload a maximum of 6 different photos. Use it to your advantage!

We recommend front, back and any other awesome detail(s) images of your dress to be included. Pictures of a person wearing the dress will of course give a much better idea of the dress. 


Don't be stingy with info

More information is definitely better. Hence, include information about the fabric, the details, your measurements, the alterations and if/ how the dress was cleaned or preserved. Assume that a buyer won't know anything about your dress unless you tell her.

Be sure to fill out all categories (fields like silhouette, street size etc) as accurately as you can. Buyers may be searching only by these criteria, so if they aren't filled in correctly, your dress won't appear in their search results. Not sure what some of the categories are?  Click on the  icon beside the category to find out more. 


Be honest

Full disclosure is very important.  Revealing any imperfections about your dress will prevent any issues as your transaction progresses.


Use the social network buttons

Each listing page has 4 social network buttons (i.e. Facebook Like, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+). Clicking these buttons will immediately share a "like" for your dress with your respective social network. What a great way to help sell your dress?!