Seller FAQs

How do I get started?

It's easy. Take a moment to Register for a free account with us.


How much does it cost to list..

  • A dress - MYR 35.00 or US$ 10.00 per dress until it is sold. This is a one-time listing fee
  • Accessory -  MYR 5.00 or US$ 2.00 per dress until it is sold. This is a one-time listing fee

Do you charge any commission or transaction fee?

We never charge a commission upon sale, which allows you to sell your items at the best possible price.


How do I pay?

We currently only accept payment via bank transfer. Should you prefer to pay us via any other means, kindly email us. 


How many gowns or accessories can I list?

As many as you have!


How long is my dress or accessory listed for?

Items are listed until they are sold. No expiry time! 


How long does it take for my listed to get posted?

Once we have received your payment, please allow us 24 hours to activate the listing of your items.


How long does it take for a gown or accessory to sell?

The length of time varies as it depends on the type, designer, price, age, condition and ultimately if someone is looking for that particular style. Which is why, we encourage sellers to fill in accurate and detailed information about their item for buyers. We envisage an average selling time on HIMMWD of 12 weeks. If your item is not getting enquiries, we do advise to consider reducing the selling price.


How will buyers find my listing?

We actively advertise online and offline within the bridal community (forums, magazines, internet..) and on social media pages (Facebook, Pinterest..)


My item has sold, how do I notify HIMMWD?

To keep our site up to date, kindly advise us once your dress has sold. You can do so at My Listings, under the tabs "My Dresses" or "My Accessories" where you may click on the  or  action icon respectively. 


What information should I include in my listing?

Fill in all the fields accordingly. There is a listing guide beside most fields indicated by  to guide you through the process. The more information provided, the easier it will be for a buyer to determine if your dress or accessory is a perfect match for her.


How can I modify/ change the details of my listing (price, description etc)?

If your item is not listed yet, you can modify your listing at My Listings. If your item is already listed, you may only modify the "Asking Price" of the listing. If there is a strong need to amend other field(s), kindly email us.

A further price reduction from your original Asking Price will qualify your dress to be marked "Discounted" and will be automatically placed under the Recently Listed/ New In page.


A buyer is interested in my item. What's next?

You need to both agree to the terms of the sale:

  • The agreed on selling price
  • Mode of payment
  • Any return policy?
  • Shipping and insurance costs

HIMMWD does not get involved in any aspect of your transaction with the buyer. We recommend PayPal or direct deposit as payment options.

We strongly advise that you do not ship your item until full payment has been received.


Buyer FAQs

How do I contact a seller?

When you find a dress or accessory that you are interested in, just click on the Email Seller button on that dress listing page. Your enquiry gets sent to the seller, who can then respond directly to you. 


What happens if I cannot reach the seller of the item?

If you have tried contacting the seller but to no avail, please email us. Please include the listing number of the item you are interested in. We will try to help you reach the seller. 


General FAQs

How can I modify/ change my personal details?

You can do so at the My Account page.


If you've got any other questions that we haven't already covered above, please email us, and we'd be delighted to help you.