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04 Aug 2014

Dare to be different...same goes to hitting the sweet spot for your wedding cake! Whilst it is easy to be amazed by the abundance of designs and themes to choose from - whimsy, colourful, chic, elegant, fondant, it is always good to have your own personalised touch as cakes are usually displayed upfront or centrestage so it is one of the important stars of the wedding! And if it taste just as delicious as it looks on the outside, score. Check out the lovely and creative cake designs we've gathered just for you!


Chalkboard on a Cake!

Chalkboard made of fondant is designed for an excellent back-to-school theme.


Fresh Flowers, Fruits and Greens!

Bright orange and red Wild Poppy on a white 3-tier cake.


Off-white peonies for a white wedding.


Icing frosted cake with Succulents and Billy Balls.


Soft tone Garden Roses with white frosting.


Mixture of Garden Roses with Blackberries and yellow Poppy for different textures.


Top a few golden yellow Chrysanthemum on a white frosted cake for a classy oriental look.


Give a black fondant cake a burst of colour by using fresh flowers.


Mini cakes with mixed berries and fig topping gives it not only colour but an interesting flavour.


Fondant Peony with mixed berries for a fresh country look.


Fondant - the baker's Play-Doh

Simple beach theme cake - use chocolate seashells and starfishes for a sweet surprise.


Upgrade a beach themed cake into Hawaiian mood by simply adding coloured sugar crystals

and fondant Orchids.


Create colourful fireworks or fountain designs by using tear drop cut fondants.


Fondant is a very versatile material and it could be cut and molded into different shapes

and sizes.


Flowers could also be made using fondants to make them edible!


Go Wild with Geometrics

There are so many geometrics design to incorporate into a cake and infinite variety of colours

to mix and match!


Caution! Artist At Work

Love art? Request your baker to create a masterpiece using edible paint.


Sweet Sugary Art

Use sugar crystals or isomalts to elevate the theme and to show off a little finesse.


Not Your Average Wedding Cake

It doesn't really have to be sweet wedding cakes all the time. Savoury cheese stack garnished

with fresh fruits on the side would do it too.


Or stacks of Blueberry pie!


Pretty pastel macarons.


Back to Basics

If you're not a big fan of icing, these naked cake is most suited for you.


| Photos credit to Pinterest |

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